About Flipped Museum

An educational method we call Flipped museum involves providing the opportunity for children and young people, using online films prior to their physical visit to the museum, to access information that was previously conveyed via guided tours.  This means that their visit to the museum can involve more creative, innovative and discursive elements.

The Royal Coin Cabinet is a museum that specialises in economic history and the history of money. Situated in Stockholm, it is the only museum of its kind in Sweden. Through Flipped museum we want to reach more schools that are not situated in our immediate vicinity. We want to encourage visits to the museum, but it is also possible to make use of the films and exercises on our website without actually visiting the museum.

A parallel to the concept flipped museum exists within the educational system and is called flipped classroom. This involves the teacher providing pupils with access to presentations and instructions as homework using a website. As the pupils gain access to the teaching content in advance, they can prepare in peace and quiet and come to school curious with their ideas already developed.  More questions will have time to mature and more of the lesson can be devoted to discussion and progression, rather than simply going through the material.